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If Brita does not respond effectively to this situation, it can lose strong brand image and sales volume, and face strong competition from PUR and other companies. Three of the most important factors of Brita are innovation, quality and inventory reduction.

How to Choose an Optimal System. Competitive rivalry among competitors is strong which, on the one hand create barriers to entry, but on the other hand, create fierce competition in the industry.

Recognition of the significant link between customer retention and profitability will lead to new and better strategies for strengthening customer satisfaction. Strong competition and new products development suggest decline in revenue which affected company in Appendix A, Table 1.

Recommendations Taking into account the present day situation, the best strategy to ensure long-term success should be based on brand loyalty, non-price competition and high-income market segment. Price competition, backed by improved efficiency, is the main feature of this home water Brita products company essay industry today.

This industry adopts high standards of water purity that involves the use special technologies and innovative purification process in order to meet state standards. Current Market Situation In general, the home water filtration industry consists of two broad segments: The advertisement used must be informative enough to enable existing customers to make a decision to purchase.

Marketing Mix Marketing mix is based on on-line and offline advertising and promotion. Brita market is very fragmented in terms of supply, with a Brita products company essay number of smaller operators being characteristic.

The implications for strategy development include potential to growth and favorable economic environment. The major problem of Brita is to choose a new strategy aiming to address new market and environmental changes.

This campaign should be based on 4 elements advertising, personal settings, sales promotion and PR in order to reach wide target audience. Product differentiation and brand loyalty are the main criteria for this strategic alternative. Critical Evaluation of the Situation Be in one of the most highly rated industries Brita offers high quality products to everyone who wants an excellent taste of water.

In order to compete, Brita should base its strategy on short-term and long-term goals based on new marketing strategy: Brita represents a market where competitors cannot differentiate their products and that is why have more rivalry. This program will be effective, because the quality of drinking water becomes the most essential thing for many people and the main concern of those who want to be healthy.

Also, new strategy will help to cover wider target market of pitcher- and faucet-filter users and help to compete with PUR. The threat is local competition and potential synergies.

This is a very effective strategy which helps the company to attract new buyers and create a core of loyal brand support. Examining what customers appreciate and what they want to receive which helps to attract wide target audience.

Non-price competition should take the form of branding, advertising, promotion, and additional services to customers and product innovation. To sustain strong market position, Brita has to develop an aggressive marketing campaign in order to attract new customers and deliver customer satisfaction gaining customers loyalty.

The high quality advertising is the main criterion for Brita. The main buyers groups involve middle income and high income segment, young adults, marriage couple and families with children.

Its MAP strategy minimum advertising price policy helped to attract customers and sustain strong brand image. Brita bases its pricing decisions on product features and manufacturing expenditures.

The size of the investment required by a business wishing to enter this industry is also an important determinant of the extent new entrants. If Brita does not support its old users of pitchers it can lose as revenue so potential customers. The aim of the report is to analyze and evaluate current product level, identify growth opportunities and develop recommendation for further growth.

As Brita operates in a progressively fiercer market place for a larger wallet share of an increasingly discerning and diverse customer base, they become ever more communication-dependent.

Also, it markets the standards pitchers in supermarket chains, drug and grocery stores.

The implementation of new strategy will require additional spending, but they are essential for the company, because without these facilities Brita will not be able to compete on the market and increase its sales rate. Pitcher and faucet systems retailers fight for survival in markets faced with over-capacity.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The environmental situation market suggests the growth of demand on the water purifiers in near future.Free Essay: Case Presentation: The Brita Products Company Group 8 Prepared by Ashish Gauba 11P Gunjeet Singh 11P Himanshu Sehgal 11P Ishan Agrawal.

The Brita Products Company. I. Executive Summary The Clorox Company is about to enter a new product market by launching a faucet mounted filter system in order to maintain its dominance in the water filtration business.

The Brita Products Company Essay Sample

To do this in a successful way, Clorox has to conquer this market with the right entry strategy. Propose strategic and tactical market definitions for Brita filtered water products.

Why is it important for Brita to understand this distin. The Brita Products Company Words | 5 Pages I. Executive Summary The Clorox Company is about to enter a new product market by launching a faucet mounted filter system in order to maintain its dominance in the water filtration business.

Case Presentation: The Brita Products Company Group 8 Prepared by Ashish Gauba 11P Gunjeet Singh 11P Himanshu Sehgal 11P Ishan Agrawal 11P The Brita Products Company Essay Sample.

Executive Summary. The Brita Products Company (Brita) operates in high dynamic environment which requires continuous optimization of a product mix and new ways to attract customers.

Brita products company essay
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