Dolores krieger research paper

Krieger states that, "in the final analysis, it is the healee client who heals himself. All participants will be required to sign a written informed consent form. Their study supported the use of therapeutic touch on practitioners and others who are bereaved and how therapeutic touch can increase white blood cell response.

There is a relationship between the use of therapeutic touch on a patient with incisional site pain and decrease in the use of narcotic analgesia. Since pain and this scale are both subjective in nature, their validity and reliability are compromised. I knew I had to get in touch with her that very day.

Therapeutic touch allows the patient to be seen as "more than a sum of the parts". In preparing to undertake this research, various forms of literature must be examined.

They will be assigned by using a random selection table. Twenty-five patients will receive the actual therapeutic touch treatment within five minutes of their request for pain medication. The continued research in therapeutic touch and its use is essential.

The treatment will last for five minutes then the patient will be asked to rate their pain level again. There will be no penalties or prejudicial treatment for not joining the study or for leaving the study at any time before it is over. Although all of the participants had asserted that they would be able to do this, the actual results did not support their assertions.

I decided to call her. Bzdek they reviewed a sample of sixty volunteers from ages eighteen to fifty-nine that experience tension headaches.

Deep breathing and a quiet atmosphere will be required with both groups. It also did not rule out whether any of the subjects had ever previously tried alternative therapies for their headache pain.

It was from Dr. He added that "these figures should be taken with a grain of salt, inasmuch as both advocates and detractors [ The unitary person is viewed as an energy field that is more than, as well as different from, the sum of the biologic, physical, social, and psychological parts.

And then she handed me a list of books to read. It is put into practice in a wide range of settings from nursing homes to stress reduction of the nursing staff themselves to reduce "burnout".

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The author states that more research may need to be done with a larger sample and a wider range of patient stressors to further support the use of therapeutic touch in a clinical setting. The weaknesses of this study were: The patients will be randomly selected to avoid any bias by the researcher.

In committed response, the Therapeutic Touch therapist TTrx shifts into an altered state as she assumes a sustained centering of her consciousness, and remains in that state throughout the healing session.

Their study supported the use of therapeutic touch in tension headache pain. The pain rating scale to be used will consist of numbers zero to ten with ten being the most excruciating pain ever felt by the subject and zero being no pain at all.

She has a site online now. The study concluded that "the theory TT possesses is deprived of explanatory power" and "evidence that supports the current picture of physical energy should be regarded as evidence against the theory of TT".

The practitioners then placed their hands through holes in the screen.

Featured Nurse: Dr. Dolores Krieger

In treating a person with therapeutic touch, the practitioner: Psychoimmunologic effects of therapeutic touch on practitioners and recently bereaved recipients: Essentials of nursing research methods, appraisal, and utilization 3rd ed.

They wanted to determine if there was a correlation between who received the therapeutic touch and who applied the therapeutic touch. The nursing staff will identify candidates for this study when admitted to the post- operative surgery floor from the post- anesthesia care unit.

It was a beautiful day so I sat in Washington Square Park and watched the college kids and the homeless people play music and dance, till finally it was time.

Clinical studies in therapeutic touch"she studied patients who wanted help with pain relief. The patient must have some narcotic analgesia ordered for post- operative pain control.Dolores Krieger, PhD, RN is a Professor Emerita of Nursing Science, New York University, and co-creator of Therapeutic Touch.

She is a recognized holistic nursing theorist and pioneering researcher on Therapeutic Touch and the dynamics of healing.

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What do you not have to cite in. Dolores Krieger's early research studied a healer's powers applied to people. Assuming that plant chlorophyll and human hemoglobin were somehow similar, she decided to measure the subjects' hemoglobin levels before and after TT.

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Dolores krieger research paper
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