Essay on steps to reduce pollution

We should not put excreta and sewage flowing from cities and towns into water, but dump them in garbage pits outside the city so that they turn into compost later on and which can be used in the fields.

After cleaning up their mess the ships also throw their garbage into the water. Plant more trees and put indoor plants in your homes. One must avoid the large ponds as sunlight combined with organic nutrients may lead to the larger growth of bacteria which breed the waste matter.

Immersion of idols during religious ceremonies to be done at the appointed place only.

Ways to reduce air pollution Essay Sample

Buy local foods and goods. Adopt the 3 Rs of solid waste management: All of these solutions come with some cost both societal and monetary. It will reduce waste while improving your yard and garden soils. The villages are fast being transformed into cities and urban clusters with the establishment of various industries in and around, leading to over-exploitation and contamination of water resources.

These facilities are never per cent effective, which means that some water quality deterioration remains after the treatment process.

These factories are required to apply all the ways for the safe disposal and clearance of the oil.

Essay on Controlling Water Pollution (689 Words)

What is the optimal concentration of sugar in 60 mL of water for yeast? Industries should strictly follow applicable government regulations on pollution control. In order to subdue land pollution, people should be educated and made aware about the harmful effects of littering.

Bioremediation- The New Age Cleansing Technology of the Environment Every action or inaction of any person in regard to her or his surroundings has an effect- be it good, neutral or bad- on the environment.

Ways to Prevent and Reduce Air, Water, and Land Pollution

It was a whole different world, but to the earth, a hundred years is nothing. Garbage in the cities and towns should be classified and thrown into the designated dustbins only. The consumption of these aquatic organisms living in polluted sea water also makes the humans go sick.

Start composting leaves and clippings from your yard and food scraps from your kitchen to reduce waste while improving your soil. Such water can also be used for washing vehicles and we should use only good quality water for drinking purposes. What is the sugar that is most readily metabolized by yeast?

For example, Roorkee-based Central Building Research Institute has successfully tried to transform the ash from the thermal power stations into bricks.7 Ways to Reduce Air Pollution Step 1: Understand Where Air Pollution Comes From According to the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there are six major causes of air pollution in the United States.

These are ground-level ozone, particulate matter, lead. English essay ways to reduce pollution 1. English Essay 1 Ways to conserve the environment by constructing green homes Scratch Outline 1.

How to Control Water Pollution

Reduce, reuse and recycle Reduce use of rubber and plastic Reuse daily-use items Reduce usage of CFC products S: Help save the environment 2.

Environmental Pollution Control – Water, Air and Land. By Guest Author On July 28, We must help fight Global Warming by doing the following steps: Plant more trees; Don’t waste water; Use cloth bag and don’t burn plastic; Thing to reduce pollution.

10 Ways to Reduce and Control Air Pollution

Reply. Add a Comment Cancel reply. Aside from doing your part to reduce air pollution, you’ll have extra time to read, knit, do crosswords, or people watch. Taking public transportation is also safer than driving, and will probably help reduce your anxiety level since you won’t have to deal with rush hour traffic.

Aug 22,  · To help stop pollution, stop buying and eating animal products that come from factory farms. If you are advised not to completely give up animal products, try to reduce your consumption to once or twice a week%().

How To Reduce Air Pollution Essay How to Reduce Air Pollution Air pollution is an issue of concern to the world.

Essay on Environmental pollution control

Pollution in our environment will undoubtedly affect our quality of life and it can also cause various health problems and other negative effects. As a result, we want to find way out. Here are a few simple steps that will.

Essay on steps to reduce pollution
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