Hazel edwards writing a non boring family history

Most interesting first, second most interesting last, and then bury the boring bits in the middle. Most histories are self-published, so cost will be a consideration.

Or calculate minutes if making an audio or video taped history. Design a dossier listing the physical details and the personality traits of your major ancestors.

Apart from those mentioned in it, your "Great Family Saga" will interest others only if it avoids chronological boredom.

For example, a teetotalling family living in a hard-drinking community would show the conflict between the individual and the society.

Choose catchy titles rather than numbers for chapter headings. Perhaps write your quest from your viewpoint as the explorer-researcher trying to uncover the facts. How could you broaden the appeal? Readers enjoy the day-to-day details, embarrassing moments and even four conflicting versions of significant family events.

Writing a Non-Boring Family History (Yarram)

Order your material by themes or geographically by personalities or places. Think about print size and shape. So would pioneers in a drought or flood. Publishing a book is like creating a book child. Mix all data and especially dry ingredients in computerised container.

Hazel Edwards

Avoid giving a boring collection of lists. Which character grabbed your interest? These are mini stories. Stalkera Young Adult thriller, is her most recent novel for young people.

Consider your prospective reader: Is it aimed at the general reader, the specialist or just your family? Were they a rebellious family?

What is the major conflict underlying this family or period? Historical readaholic or relative indigestion due to over much hot air.Join renowned Australian author Hazel Edwards OAM for a workshop based on her book, How to Write a Non-Boring Family History.

Book sales and signing will be available on the day, including signing of Hazel’s books past and present. Hazel Edwards addresses these vital questions and more in Writing a Non Boring Family History.

This is a practical guide for those wanting to shape their family research into a readable family history.5/5(1). Hazel Edwards A new book is a bit like a book-baby. You've been involved in the pregnancy for a while, and you hope others will understand, be entertained and also more A new book is a bit like a book-baby.

You've been involved in the pregnancy for a while, and you hope others will understand, be entertained and also gain from 4/5(). The latest Tweets from Hazel Edwards (@muirmoir).

if you're interested in the ABC Radio Nightlife chat on Writing a Non Boring Family History, Author @muirmoir will be on ABC National between pm on Thursday 9 August giving tips for writing a non boring family history or memoir.

Hazel has shared her knowledge with writers at the.

Writing A Non Boring Family History

This revised,'Writing a Non Boring Family History' includes visiting historic military or family history sites, eulogies and e-formats as well as writing history for children. Other Formats: You might also like to check out Hazel's podcast interview on ABC Life Matters: about genealogy & military history researching 'Searching for a Lost Garnet'.

Family history sleuthing is the biggest hobby worldwide. Amid a sea of genealogy books, Hazel Edwards has written a practical handbook on how to craft stories about our ancestors in an interesting way that other people will want to read.5/5(1).

Hazel edwards writing a non boring family history
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