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The best way to prep for in-class essays is with essay plans. Try these 3 easy methods! If it is a more complex question, you should still plan at the start of the exam period how you are going to set out your answer so that it flows logically. Pay careful attention to your grammar. Last edited by enoilgam; 16 Jan at The key factor is that you need to actually tailor your prepared essay to the essay question on the day.

There was sooo much content and it was harder to predict the questions though… but it was working for English. That can be a date, a number, a quote, literally anything at all.

Markers hate this and you will lose marks if you use first person. An essay will not be strong without hard evidence supporting it. Again, this is a highly simplified example and you would need a far greater deal of sophistication in a real essay.

In year 10, essay writing was my weakest area, but by the end of year 12 it was my strongest as I constantly wrote practice essays and had them marked by my teachers. As difficult as this seems, it really is an achievable goal for all of you.

If you forget a part of the essay even a sentence or two it can really reduce the strength and power of your argument. The holy grail of essay writing is balancing clarity and simplicity with a sophisticated argument. The use of this technique adds a great deal of sophistication to an essay and can make your essays stand out to the markers.

Unlike english or SOR, its near impossible to mold your essay to the exam question unless the topics are very similar, which is unlikely. Thesis, anti-thesis, synthesis This refers to a technique where two contradictory views are examined in detail.

If you want a really great method to retaining a huge amount of numbers and quotes, click here for a guide explaining how to utilise worksheets to your advantage. Modern History Essay Guide Prelude Over the past couple of months, quite a few people have been emailing and PM me about modern and how to write a band 6 calibre essay.

Conclusion In the conclusion, you sum up your argument.

Modern History Stage 6 Syllabus (2009)

Advanced essay writing techniques In order to access the higher marks i. Can choose the best facts and information for the question rather than attempting to mould a prewritten response to the question.

As such, poor grammar can indirectly cost you marks. Explaining what happened, without drawing meaning from events It is really easy to spend an entire paragraph explaining what happened years ago in Germany or Indo-China.

All HSC Modern History study notes

These sentences are really easy to add to your essays, and can boost your marks significantly. Memorising Notes for HSC Modern History With this technique you learn all the information against your syllabus notes and then apply them during an exam. Memorising Essay Scaffolds — Happy Medium? My main recommendation is to, for your own benefit, write out what your thesis IS in one or two sentences.

Historiography Historiography is often poorly understood by most students and it is often not used properly or effectively. In my example you may choose to argue that the Eastern front was of no significance in determining the outcome of the war.

Memorising Essays for HSC Modern History? Try these 3 easy methods!

Go through each potential question and just write out the structure of your paragraphs: Again, try going through and highlighting sections where you are just stating what happened.

However, not having a simplistic thesis in the first place is the best way to get a top level response in this course! These points will form the basis for each section in the body of the essay.If you have any questions about Modern History in general, click here, and if you want your essay marked FOR FREE, click here.

Tags: Essay, History, hsc, Modern History. Look no further if you wish for your essay to stand out from the other students taking Modern History and get a band 6 with ease!

Top 5 FAQS About HSC Modern History "If you hate writing essays, then obviously don't choose Modern History"/5(). more detail needed; but probably enough to write a paragraph or two in an essay on industrialisation between and The nature of industrialisation in the s The nature of industrialisation changed in the s.

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In the s industrialisation had occurred because of free enterprise and big business. Sep 25,  · A video setting out some basic tips for writing clear introductions to essays in the HSC Modern History exam using. All HSC Modern History study notes If you are studying HSC Modern History, these are private study notes of some of the highest academic achievers in New South Wales.

Modern History Essay Guide - Bored of Studies With modern and all essays in general, structure is extremely important. HSC Modern History HSC in the Holidays | Free HSC Resources Everyone loves something for free!

In our HSC toolbox, we have compiled a list of over files.

Hsc modern history essays
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