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It may in its consequence, affect every freeman that lives under a British government on the main of America. As a result of his stream of "letters" from prison, an outpouring of public sympathy for his cause developed.

The Trial of John Peter Zenger

John peter zenger won the election despite the best efforts of Cosby to rig the election against him by having the sheriff disqualify Quaker voters expected to be heavily pro-Morris on the ground that the Quakers only "affirmed" rather than swore the oath required at the time of all voters.

The Grand Jury, however, refused. In he relocated to Chestertown, Maryland, where he was granted the authority to print the session laws laws passed during official meetings of the Maryland Assembly legislative body.

It is the best cause. I shall therefore only observe to you that as the facts or words in the information are confessed, John peter zenger only thing that can come in question before you is whether the words as set forth in the information make a libel.

Upon which there were three Huzzas in the hall which was crowded with people, and the next day I was discharged from my imprisonment. The Zenger case demonstrated the growing independence of the professional Bar and reinforced the role of the jury as a curb on executive power.

As you last week were disappointed of my Journal, I think it incumbent on me to publish my apology, which is this. In the early s he was arrested for printing a pamphlet that was critical of the Quaker government in the Pennsylvania colony.

When a corrupt government holds power, the press becomes a critical weapon. In Zenger went to work as an apprentice one who learns an art or trade in exchange for doing work with printing pioneer William Bradford see box.

A resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he was no relation to Alexander Hamilton and was born in Scotland in When a corrupt government holds power, the press becomes a critical weapon.

Hamilton presented a brilliant defense of Zenger, winning a not-guilty verdict from the jury and thus establishing truth as a defense against charges of libel. His arguments might have been well-received by jurors, but Hamilton had almost no law to support his position that the truth should be a defense to the charge of libel.

As publisher of the antigovernment newspaper New-York Weekly Journal, Zenger had been jailed and charged with printing false statements about Cosby. Power may justly be compared to a great river. Zenger was arrested within a few days and his bail payment for freedom from imprisonment before a trial was set at four hundred pounds a sum of British moneyplus two hundred pounds in bail insurance.

They ordered the burning of four especially offensive issues of the Journal. No democracy has existed in the modern world without the existence of a free press.John Peter Zenger and Freedom of the Press Should someone be prosecuted for criticizing or insulting a government official even if the offending words.

Journalist and Newspaper Editor/Publisher.

7c. The Trial of John Peter Zenger

He is best known as a defendant in a landmark trial, which determined that truth was a defense against charges of libel. Born in present-day Germany, he came to New York City where he started printing The New York Journal in to voice his opinions with the trivial policies Born: Oct 26, John Peter Zenger >John Peter Zenger (), American printer, was selected to print a >weekly newspaper by a faction of influential men opposed to a governor of >New York [1].

Zenger was charged with libel and acquitted. John Peter Zenger became a symbol for the freedom of the press in the young American colonies. Seen above is a printing of the trial proceedings. No democracy has existed in the modern world without the existence of a free press.

Newspapers and pamphlets allow for the exchange of ideas and for the. Zenger was defended by Philadelphia attorney Andrew Hamilton, who argued that the published statements could not be libelous if they were true. English law at the time, which was designed to protect the government from critical elements, dictated that truth was not a defense to libel.

The burning of Zenger's New York Weekly Journal.


No country values free expression more highly than does the United States, and no case in American history stands as a greater landmark on the road to protection for freedom of the press than the trial of a German immigrant printer named John Peter August 5,twelve New .

John peter zenger
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