Leadership secrets of attila the hun essay

It was popular because it was different, not because it was done well. This part of the book is necessary to read in order to understand how the book was written.

All of them are totally fake, of course. Attila wanted them to be exact molds of him. Decision making was key to Attila and the rest of the Huns because they ruled such a large region that was covered in mountains and rivers. He made sure that all of hi delegates where trained to the tee.

Delegation was one of these techniques that Attila had learned while in Rome.

Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun Summary

Roberts goes on talk about another great reason why Attila was so successful and that was his decision making process.

Roberts starts the first chapter on leadership qualities where he describes all of the qualities that Attila possessed and thought where vital to the success of a leader.

Wess Roberts compels a fascinating story and has made the view of leadership very entertaining and a great way to learn.

Leadership Secrets of Atilla the Hun

Attila had to trust in his delegates that they would make the right decision since he most likely would not be there and could not spread his word across his vast lands. Roberts claims that this was one of the main reasons Attila was so successful. There are plenty of vaguely stated aphorisms that are obvious and can be found in any book on leadership.

If anything, this book proves that most people are destined to be lemmings, buying a book just because Ross Perot did. The book is related to problems in our present day world in several areas. The title of the book is in a way misleading in that it leads you to believe that it is actually written about Attila the Hun and his leadership secrets and how he banded his army together and managed them all.

The setup for the book works as it reads fairly quickly and smoothly. This gets very tiresome very quickly. Roberts also tells the reader about the life that Attila the Hun and how he led the Hunnish army through many conquests. The first part of each chapter gives a little bit of brief history as an example of how Attila used those leadership qualities.

Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun

Some of these areas included leadership qualities such as loyalty, courage, desire, stamina, empathy, decisiveness, anticipation, timing, competitiveness, self confidence, accountability, responsibility, credibility, tenacity, dependability, and stewardship. Finally, Roberts ends each chapter with a few quotes from Attila describing what the chapter was about.Book Review Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun By: Wes Roberts Roberts starts the book out with his Author’s notes here he describes how he came about the /5(1).

- 63 - LEADERSHIP SECRETS OF ATTILA THE HUN The things I have told you this night are the secrets to leadership success at any level of office. They may seem to you to be common knowledge.

Alas, they may be, but they are not so common in practice. Essay about Leadership Secrets of Attila The Hun by Wess Roberts - Leadership Secrets Of Attila The Hun – Wess Roberts Attila the Hun throughout history has been portrayed as a ferocious ugly little tyrant. This little book of aphorisms, attributed to Attila the Hun, provides members of today’s organizations with principles and techniques for establishing and maintaining positions of leadership.

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In Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun, Robert Wess draws from the imaginary thoughts of one of history's most effective and least beloved leaders, Attila the Hun, to discover leadership principles that managers could potentially apply to their own situation/5.

Leadership secrets of attila the hun essay
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