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Please share them in the comments below! If you want to learn more about the different Google certifications and processes, check out this guide from Allison Mollica. In my case, I took the exams every other week during those times when my workload is light.

Got any more tips? Even if you are not ready yet to hold Google Apps training outside your school district, getting the Google Educator status can benefit your professional development as a teacher. The entire process of preparing and taking the exam can greatly impact your understanding of Google Apps and how you can integrate it in the classroom.

I recently completed my Google Educator status last May so I thought of sharing some of the things that helped me pass all five exams. Create an account today to get access! Each exam expires 90 days after passing.

20 ESL Teaching Tips

I set aside an entire day just for taking the exam. If you found yourself in this situation, Google Help Center is another great resource to help you find the best answer.

Make sure to sign-in to your Google Apps account There are some parts of the exam, which asks you how you can get to a particular settings page, what button to click, or something similar and the question might seem a bit tricky, so it helps if you login to your Google Apps account and try to demonstrate what the question asks for in order to get the correct answer.

Take the easiest exams for you first and choose an elective you are more familiar with. Read all the training materials found in Google for Education Training Center This is actually a no-brainer tip. It is all up to you. Attend a Google PD near you!

Note that these tips were all based from my own experience so what worked for me might not work for you. It also helps that you are physically and emotionally ready during the test so make sure to get enough sleep and eat well on the day you plan on taking the exams.

AppsEvents Global Summits featuring Google for Education are two day training events hosted by schools all around the world. This works best for me since the information from what I have read are still fresh in my mind, but some people may not be comfortable with this kind of setup and may need more time to review.

If you are a Google Apps newbie or you just want to take things one step at a time, read on. About AppsEvents AppsEvents runs Google for Education bootcamps and summits for educators, leaders and administrators all around the world. The whole day I would read the training materials from Google Training Center and I will then take the test, late in the afternoon.

Plan your testing schedule You can take all 5 exams in one setting or take them in weekly or monthly interval. Check out our upcoming events schedule: In this short courseDan Taylor gives an overview of the Google certification options for Education including exam technique and preparation and how to pull together the required work.

If you have not completed all 5 exams within 90 days, you will need to repurchase and retake any and all exams that have expired. Assess your individual mastery and stress tolerance. Keep in mind that after passing the first exam, you will have 90 days to complete the remaining exams.Liz Regan's 20 Teaching Tips for ESL teachers give free advice for new teachers, and experienced ones too.

How I Passed the Google Educator Qualification Exams

For teachers of English, especially as foreign language. Many schools now offer online classes which allow students to earn their college credit from the convenience of their PC or laptop.

Time is no longer a viable excuse for not returning to school. Time is no longer a viable excuse for not returning to school. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

Got any more tips? Please share them in the comments below! business, and education purposes. She actively participates in Cebu-based Google supported communities (GBG/GDG/GEG) and loves to blog during her free time.

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Online gbg teaching tips
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