Protagonist suffers horses night

And, evidently, it was—to the point that the film took her character completely for granted and did basically nothing to develop her. He must be the primary mover and shaker, the one present at all the major moments in the structure, and the one driving the action forward.

Which one sounds like the most fun to explore? Not all stories will give you a choice for how to choose the right protagonist, but if yours does, be sure to consider the options carefully. The very fact that the wasted opportunities are so visible makes the problem that much more obvious to viewers.

Why is the character the way he is? Sign Up Today Sign up to receive K. The Huntsman shows a Positive-Change arc, as he grows out of his overwhelming grief and into new hope and purpose.

The Huntsman, on the other hand, was at least given a little complexity, wit, and emotional depth.

3 Ways to Choose the Right Protagonist

That should go without saying. But enter stage left a much more interesting and compelling character in the shape of the no-longer-nameless Huntsman Eric played by Chris Hemsworth.

The fundamental principle of figuring out how to choose the right protagonist always goes back to the question: Choose the right protagonist by determining which character arc is most dynamic. Which character draws your heart most—and why?

But what if you created a plot for your chosen protagonist to drive—but still end up with a more interesting minor character running away with your story? What secrets is he hiding? Your protagonist must line up with the main conflict.

What happened to him? Tell me in the comments! Just as importantly, would readers still find him interesting? By ignoring a character who raised interesting questions about himself and the story world, the plot was forced instead to follow a protagonist who raised no questions and created no interesting subtext or conflict developments.

Choose the right protagonist by taking a step back from the needs of your plot for just a minute anyway. If not, consider whether you might be better off scrapping the existing plot and following this more interesting character down his own chosen roads.

If not, can you tweak things so they do line up? The Huntsman has an infinitely more interesting backstory than does Snow White. Backstory is valuable for two particular reasons: Because strong arcs mean strong change, and that, in turn, creates dynamic characters and plots.A Summary of Horses of the Night by Margaret Laurence PAGES 1.

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What Is the Theme of

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Horses of the Night

The theme of Margaret Laurence's story, "Horses of the Night," is that an individual's perception of life influences his or her fate. One of the protagonists, Chris, suffers from depression and tries to cope by pretending he is rich and fantasizing that he owns a ranch. A younger, innocent character.

Protagonist Character Role Analysis John Grady Cole. John Grady Cole is a fairly typical laconic, tough-guy hero, seemingly right out of Ernest Hemingway's fiction.

Protagonist Character Role Analysis Eliezer. Eliezer is the main character in Night and we follow his experiences through his eyes alone.

Eliezer is also one of the only characters we meet who survives until the liberation of the concentration camps. This scenario has its good points and its bad points (usually, it means a great minor character and a problematic plot), and it always leads writers right back to the all-important question of how to choose the right protagonist from the get-go.

Horses of the night Helpful information - PART 1: Margaret Laurence was very clear in her purpose with her short story "Horses of the Night". The main character Chris was clearly suffering from depression and lived in a world completely made up of delusions.

Protagonist suffers horses night
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