Responsibilities of a citizen

Citizens need to give time and attention to see whether the government is functioning properly or not. The principle is that birth within the confines of the State gives only the status of a subject. While citizenship has varied considerably throughout history, and within societies over time, there are some common elements but they vary considerably as well.


This act of inauguration in citizenship shall be a solemn ceremony. Roman ideas[ edit ] Responsibilities of a citizen the Roman Empirecitizenship expanded from small-scale communities to the entire empire. This diploma must be a bond which unites together all the various classes and sections of the nation.

Still, large majorities of young adults say each of these is at least somewhat important to being a good citizen. It usually signifies membership in a political body. It helps strengthen the country as a whole when people actively participate in the proper functioning of democracy.

Still, there are differences when Responsibilities of a citizen comes to which aspects are considered very important as opposed to somewhat importantand points of emphasis differ by party identification as well as by age. Romans realized that granting citizenship to people from all over the empire legitimized Roman rule over conquered areas.

For the State must draw a sharp line of distinction between those who, as members of the nation, are the foundation and the support of its existence and greatness, and those who are domiciled in the State simply as earners of their livelihood there. The citizen has privileges which are not accorded to the alien.

Roman citizenship was no longer a status of political agency, as it had been reduced to a judicial safeguard and the expression of rule and law.

What are the Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens?

People have the right to join political parties and campaign for them. The responsibilities of a citizen primarily include voting, obeying laws, paying taxes, etc. The rights of citizenship shall be conferred on every young man whose health and character have been certified as good, after having completed his period of military service.

Subjects would have no voting rights, could not hold any position within the state, and possessed none of the other rights and civic responsibilities conferred on citizens. It shall be a greater honour to be a citizen of this Reich, even as a street-sweeper, than to be the King of a foreign State.

Citizenship status, under social contract theory, carries with it both rights and duties. Citizenship was not seen as a separate activity from the private life of the individual person, in the sense that there was not a distinction between public and private life.

In general, partisan leaners tend to be less likely than straight Republicans and Democrats to view a range of responsibilities as important to what it means to be a good citizen.

Polis meant both the political assembly of the city-state as well as the entire society. A person who has registered for the Selective Service does not necessarily become a part of the army.

Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities

Those who identify with a party are more likely than independents who lean to a party to say it is very important to serve jury duty if called, pay all owed taxes and to follow what is happening in government. Currently, women are exempted from registering for the draft, hence, it is applicable only to men.

At the same time those women who earn their livelihood independently have the right to acquire citizenship if they are German subjects. This was not a problem because they all had a strong affinity with the polis; their own destiny and the destiny of the community were strongly linked.

The fundamental responsibilities or duties of citizens in different countries across the globe more or less remain the same. Pocock[18] Roman citizenship reflected a struggle between the upper-class patrician interests against the lower-order working groups known as the plebeian class.Reporting to the police if need be is one of the responsibilities of British citizens.

In China, citizens are expected to obey the constitution, take efforts to maintain the integrity of the country, pay taxes and be ready to defend the country.

The Public, the Political System and American Democracy 9. The responsibilities of citizenship. When it comes to what it takes to be a good citizen, the public has a.

the responsibilities of citizenship. We hope you will honor and respect the freedoms and opportunities citizenship gives you. At the same time, we hope you become an active member of your community.

The Public, the Political System and American Democracy

It is by participating in your community that you truly become an American. 2. With these rights, they believed, came responsibilities that citizens needed to assume in order to fulfill the promise of the new nation. These lofty goals and principles never had a singular interpretation and over time have led to differing ideas and heated debates.

Citizenship is the status of a person recognized under the custom or law as being a legal member of a sovereign state or belonging to a nation. A person may have multiple citizenships. With these new rights, citizenship also brings with is some important responsibilities.

As a new U.S. citizen, it is your duty to you give back to your adopted nation by fulfilling these responsibilities.

Responsibilities of a citizen
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