Review of related literature in the level of satisfaction on the use of instructional materials

To this end, students will be glad to bend down and learn and, as well compete favourably among themselves. Instructions given in form of practical work improve the learners level of understanding.


Through the use of instructional material, skills are developed. Orumbata stated that Instructional material help teachers in improving their skills and widening of their knowledge. If the teacher is flowing very well, the entire class will be clamed and every student will open the listening ear.

Discussion method, group method, and question and answer method of instruction. Time has always been a major constraint in the effective utilization of instructional materials most of these materials consume a lot of time to set up and dismantle within the allowed time on the time table.

Ukpatastated that Instructional material took into account the background material took into account the background of student in the secondary schools.


Accordingly, students will satisfy if they are rewarded in relation to the investment they made In the end, it help the teacher flow very well before the students.

The interest students have in learning business studies depends so much on the method the teacher uses in teaching the subject. It is a positive antecedent of student loyalty 41 and is the result and outcome of an educational system Zeithaml, It is the creative use of probability of the students which will make them learn and improve their performance of the skills that are to develop.

It is the act of using materials obtainable from the local environment or design by the teacher or with the help of local personnel to enhance instruction. He can create a business like atmosphere in the class room and maintain standard embodying business like attitudes. Ogbustated that instructional material develop students ideas through the creation of events and objectives which will improve the students continuity of thought.

Students have shown that in any educational technologies, materials supplied by the federal government for effective implementation of the new system of education are being wasted due to lack of skill and basic knowledge of their operation by teacher.

UgwuInstructional material help the teacher to control the pace of learning. According to the theory, student perceives their time, energy and effort as investment and seek a return form that. In a university environment, student satisfaction is determined by multiple factors in which quality of service providers is a small part.Students’ satisfaction can be defined as a short-term attitude resulting from an evaluation of students’ educational experience, services and facilities.

Earlier it was measured by common satisfaction frameworks but later higher.

This study measures effectiveness through test scores and satisfaction level of the students on the instructional materials and method used.

) The use of the 5E model is associated with high test scores and positive attitudes and feelings among first graders towards science.d. data base systems.5/5(1). Literature Review Since we are proposing a method for analyzing the dependence of overall satisfaction with a product or service on specific aspects of customer satisfaction, our review of the relevant literature will begin with a brief discussion of the extant literature on customer satisfaction.

Elliott and Shin () argue that satisfaction is a worthy outcome variable to study because it has a number of student and course related benefits including increases in motivation. ) argues that a university’s product is 1/5(1).

A literature review of 23 studies and two review articles dealing with the use of instructional materials by elementary and secondary school teachers is presented.

Studies dealing with the development of instructional materials, discussions of field tests, and the results of teacher attitudes were not included. EFFECT OF USE OF INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS ON LEARNER CHAPTER TWO: REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE.

vii effectiveness of use of instructional materials on learners' participation in science lesson in .

Review of related literature in the level of satisfaction on the use of instructional materials
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