The role of generativity

Generative individuals are concerned about leaving a positive legacy. Many consider the experience a spiritual adventure that removes them from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Results and Discussion We checked the manipulation through analyses of variance.

Despite its potential to contribute to an explanation of consumer behavior, the relationship between consumer generativity and preferences for products remains underexplored.

Williams and Harvey [ 20 ] identify some transcendent experiences and characteristics as feelings of overcoming the limits of everyday life and creating a sense of timelessness.

Moreover, the positive impact of CSR on purchase intention has been well-studied [ 293637 ], while understanding how CSR affects generative consumer purchase intention needs further attention. Four hundred seventy-six Spanish individuals answered the questionnaire, which was sent with a flyer and reflected one of the four experimental conditions: Reliability of the measures was also assessed The role of generativity the composite reliability index and the average variance extracted index AVE.

To fulfill this aim, we conducted two studies Figure 1. Prior research has demonstrated that CSR initiatives influence consumer behavior through multiple paths, including company evaluation and consumer—company identification [ 3 ].

The 34 products selected during stage 1 were shown to the respondents in random order. Some products—whether they are goods or services, durable or ephemeral, cheap or expensive—may be meaningful in the future and, therefore, better suited for creating a legacy than others.

Follow and Jobber [ 16 ] joined the concept of generativity and transcendence, and define self-transcendence as a set of values that reflect the extent to which they motivate people to transcend selfish concerns and promote the welfare of others, close and distant, and of nature.

They rated the transcendence of the products as in stage 1. Our goal with this research is to show that generativity, as a personality trait, can contribute to fill that gap in the CSR literature.

In other words, social capital shows that the subjects involved in a relationship jointly promote value-added collaboration not only based on a mechanical coordination, but also through transparency and mutual effort and benefit distribution.

Respondents were informed that we were conducting research on consumer preferences. This condition was satisfied, which further supports the discriminant validity of the measures. In everyday life, many people consider the well-being of future generations in their purchases.

Even supporting companies with pro-environmental behaviors can be perceived as contributing to a legacy of values. Therefore, consumers will perceive some products and behaviors e.

The positive effect of CSR associations on purchase intention will be greater for generative consumers than for nongenerative consumers. However, understanding how CSR influences loyalty and other behavioral outputs is still limited [ 4 ].

This moderating role of generativity of the effect of CSR on purchase intention suggests the utility of considering generativity as a relevant consumer segmentation criterion. That is one of the dominant themes in this set of essays, and we believe it provides an important contribution to the literature on generativity.

Thousands of people from all over the world set out each year to travel the Way. This research addresses the question of how consumer generativity moderates the effect of CSR on consumer behavior through two studies.

Companies implement CSR policies to increase goodwill and improve their reputations [ 25 ], increase profits [ 26 ], and enhance their corporate identity attractiveness [ 27 ]. Pretest We ran an exploratory study to determine whether consumers perceive some products as more transcendent than others.

Putnam [ 24 ] p. Convergent validity was assessed by verifying the significance of the t-values associated with the parameter estimates Table 1. These statements were taken from real corporate websites http: Many goods and services serve, totally or partially, the purpose of leaving some kind of legacy.

In their integrative model, McAdams and de St. We also verified that the average variance extracted by the underlying construct was larger than the shared variance with other latent constructs.

Moreover, self-transcendence is proposed by Hansen [ 17 ] as a negative antecedent of attitudes toward online grocery shopping, but the results show no relationship between the two variables. Most of them bike the pilgrimage route for nonreligious reasons: Aubin [ 10 ] define generativity as the concern with and commitment to the well-being of future generations, to be achieved through actions geared toward passing a positive personal legacy to those generations.

Stage 1 consisted of a meeting with five marketing experts. CSR; sustainability; generativity; consumer behavior 1.The Role of Generativity in the Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility on Consumer Behavior Article (PDF Available) in Sustainability 8(8) · August with Reads DOI: /su J Adult Dev () – DOI /s The Role of Generativity in Psychological Well-Being: Does it Differ for Childless Adults and Parents?

Though generativity was found to have an important role in predicting environmental attitudes, both in the workplace and at home, this influence was found to be stronger in the home. Additionally, the research confirms the link between environmental attitudes and behaviours, supporting the use of specific attitudes as a superior measure of.

Honesty versus denial: As the generativity stages draw to a close and people approach the final stage of life, finding meaning plays an increasingly critical role. Self-knowledge and self-understanding have an important role during this phase of the generativity versus stagnation stage.

Benefitting Ourselves While Benefitting Others: The Importance of Generativity “How to Talk About Dying” was the name of one of the “Most Emailed” articles on The New York Times website in early July.

May 25,  · The first role of generativity not only doesn't go away; it provides many of us with an opportunity to "do it better" as we grow older.

The role of generativity
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