Thesis on pricing strategy

In the long run, after sufficiently penetrating a market, companies often wind up raising their prices to better reflect the state of their position within the market. Maximize Quantity — The reduction of long-term costs can be achieved by maximizing product or service sales.

When an appropriate price is selected, it should 1 assist the organization in reaching its financial goals, 2 be a realistic price for the target market, and 3 be cohesive with other marketing mix components as well as with product positioning.

Once it has been determined that the product will be launched, the marketing team will need to understand all of the costs involved.

6 Different Pricing Strategies: Which Is Right for Your Business?

Cost-plus pricing — The price arrived at by adding the production costs and a selected profit margin. Many organizations have utilized various factors when determining the pricing strategies for their products and services. Some of the most classical pricing strategies are: One explanation for this trend is that consumers tend to put more attention on the first number on a price tag than the last.

When the product is introduced, the organization will set a high price in order to attract customers who are not sensitive to price. This entails conducting a market analysis, product segmentation, targeting and positioning.

Pricing Strategies Research Paper Starter

Small businesses should keep in mind that the profits they earn on the higher-value items must make up for the losses they take on the lower-value product. A penetration strategy may also be used when a company wants to promote complimentary products. As a result, customers can purchase the products they need without frills.

However, there are some general guidelines that all share. Involves product definition, distribution and promotion. If the product already exists, the marketers may want to survey whether or not the market will accept prices above and below the current price.

Pricing will be based on other decisions that have been made in the areas of distribution and promotion.

Which Is Right for Your Business? Some of the most popular objectives include: Once the prices have been set, the marketing team may employ one or more of the following pricing methods in order to achieve their goals.

While some companies may seek to be the low-cost leader, others will highlight quality as the justification for higher prices. Over time, however, the increase in awareness can drive profits and help small businesses to stand out from the crowd.

There will be a review of the guidelines that these individuals process in order to determine the optimal pricing structure for each product or service. The results will give the marketing team an idea of the price elasticity of demand for the product.

Bundle pricing is more Thesis on pricing strategy for companies that sell complimentary products. Pricing at a Premium With premium pricingbusinesses set costs higher than their competitors. Evaluate potential responses from competitors and understand legal constraints.

The unit cost of the product determines how much is needed in order to break even. Determine the proper marketing mix: Pricing for Market Penetration Penetration strategies aim to attract buyers by offering lower prices on goods and services.

Partial Cost Recovery — An organization may seek only partial cost recovery if it has other sources of income. The team will have to determine the mix of each aspect of the marketing mix formula.

Along with product, place and promotion, price can have a profound effect on the success of your small business. Create a marketing strategy: Find out which one is perfect for At this point, a decision is made as to who the target market will be and how the product will be positioned.

It should take into consideration fixed and variable costs, competition, organizational objectives, proposed positioning strategies, target groups and their willingness to pay the price.

However, the prices will eventually fall due to an increase in supply, especially from competitors. The entire section is 4, words. Also, there are laws that prevent predatory pricing, especially in the international trade market. Target return pricing — Price set so as to recognize a certain return on investment.

Profit Maximization — By taking into consideration revenue and costs, this objective seeks to maximize current profits. This strategy is most appropriate when 1 customers are not sensitive to price, 2 there is no expectation of large cost savings at high volumes, and 3 the organization cannot produce high volumes of its product at low profit margins.

Because small businesses lack the sales volume of larger companies, they may struggle to generate a sufficient profit when prices are too low.Pricing Strategies Pricing Strategy: Ecaterina Curova Jason Geesey LCC International University November 13th, Pricing Strategy: Pricing is the moment of truth; it is when all of the company’s marketing and financing strategies really meet the final decision point with its customers (Kotler & Armstrong,p).

PRICING STRATEGIES AND CUSTOMER RETENTION The Case of Airtel (T) Ltd Gibson Gidion Ndyamukama Magdalena Wenceslaus Machibya Bachelor’s thesis. Value-Based Pricing - The perception of value Author: Pascal Nähring International Sales new pricing strategies have emerged.

One promising pricing strategy that focuses on increasing profits is value-based pricing, which constitutes the monetising This thesis will exclusively focus on pricing, as it is interesting from a sales point. THE ROLE OF PRICING STRATEGY IN MARKET DEFENSE A Dissertation Presented to The Academic Faculty by Can Uslay In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree.

INTRODUCTION TO THE PRICING STRATEGY AND PRACTICE Liping Jiang, Associate Professor Copenhagen Business School 14th December, Open Seminar of the Blue INNOship Project no. This article will focus on how marketing professionals develop pricing strategies for their organizations.

Pricing Strategies Research Paper Starter. Homework Help This strategy is most.

Thesis on pricing strategy
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